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Case Studies



The Client was a pillion passenger on a motorcycle which was involved in a high speed collision with a car. As a result the Claimant sustained significant injuries to her ankle which required several operations and eventually resulted in a total fusion of the ankle. 


Liability was conceded and evidence in support of the Claimant's claim was obtained from numerous medical experts dealing with both the physical and psychological issues arising from the accident. Claims in respect of future lost earnings and care were also pursued and the matter was settled at a Joint Settlement meeting led by a senior Personal Injury barrister. Damages were awarded in excess of £200,000.


Serious Motorcycle Accident - In excess of £200,000 Compensation

Procedural Points - £5,075 Compensation

The Client was involved in a road traffic accident where the other driver disputed liability. We had to issue court proceedings to bring the case to a conclusion. 

No defence was filed by the Defendant and we therefore sought Judgment against him which was granted by the Court. 2 weeks before the final hearing the Defendant instructed Solicitors to defend the claim and asked the Court to set the judgment aside so he could submit a defence disputing liability.


We defended the application on the basis that not only did the Defendant have no prospects of defending the claim but also that he had simply left it too late to make such an application. The Judge agreed and refused the Defendant's application and the Client was awarded all of his damages.

Levels Of Compensation - £9,100 Compensation

The Client was a pedestrian crossing a road when he was hit by the wing mirror of a car.


Client sustained injuries to his right thumb, index finger and right shoulder and after successful negotiations with the negligent driver’s Solicitors we secured maximum compensation for our Client in the sum of £9100.

Product Liabilty - £2, 000 Compensation

The Client purchased a BBQ from a high street DIY store and as the Client was using this BBQ he cut his hand on a sharp leading edge underneath the main grill. We submitted a claim alleging that the product was faulty and after much persuasion on our part, the Insurers of the DIY store admitted liability and conceded the product was faulty. 


The Claimant received damages in the sum of £2000.

Liability Success - £4,035 Compensation

The Client was involved in an accident whilst travelling with his wife and 2 children. He says he was stationary at red traffic lights when the Defendant had collided with the rear of his stationary vehicle. Following the impact, the Client and the other driver alighted from their vehicles but the Defendant refused to provide his name or address at the scene.  The Client therefore took details of the make of the Defendant vehicle and the registration number.


Following our investigations, we pursued the owner of the vehicle and his Insurers and they both maintained that this was a case of mistaken identity. We were forced to issue Court proceedings which we defended throughout. The matter proceeded to trial where justice was done and the Judge found for the Client and considered that this was not a case of mistaken identity but simply an attempt to avoid justice. The Claimant was awarded all his damages in full.