We currently have many high value claims ongoing concerning injuries as varied as brain damage, fibro myalgia, replacement joints etc. We are able to provide expert assistance in securing the highest possible award by utilising our extensive database of Consultants, Care Experts, Employment Experts, Nursing Experts and Barristers who are experienced at dealing with complex and high value significant claims. Many of these claims have values in excess of £1 million.



Catastrophic Injuries 

Catastrophic Injuries

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The disabilities which can be caused by spine and brain injuries often have a life time impact. It is important to ensure that a comprehensive claim is made to cover the losses which can be sustained. These can include medical care, loss of earnings and adjustments to your home. Assistance with day to day care is often of major importance.


Our experience in dealing with these claims enables us to gather a team of experts to support the case and allows us to adopt a supportive role to your circumstances and claim. Together we will consider your needs for rehabilitation therapy, transport, aids and equipment, care and support. It is our objective to ensure we achieve the best possible settlement to encompass both your current and future losses and needs.


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​Our catastrophic injury claims are dealt with by the Technical Claims team. They have years of experience in dealing with the sort of accidents that can completely change peoples' lives, such as spinal injuries, severe burns, brain injuries or even fatality. A serious accident could mean you need the use of special equipment, 24 hour care or it could mean that you will never be able to work again. 

Spine & Brain Injuries

We believe if any of these circumstances are caused by an accident that wasn't your fault, whether it be on the road, at work or just out and about, then it is only fair that you should receive compensation to help you cope with the costs of your care and rehabilitation.