Management of your Claim


Our network of qualified motor engineers situated throughout the country can inspect your vehicle at short notice if it has been damaged in an accident. If your vehicle is repairable we can recover the full cost of the repairs. If your vehicle is damaged beyond economical repair we can recover its pre-accident value on your behalf.

If you have lost the use of your vehicle as a result of the accident then you may be entitled to a temporary replacement or hire vehicle. We will be happy to advise you and where appropriate arrange for a hire vehicle to be delivered to you. We will then recover the hire cost as part of your claim for compensation. Your loss will form part of the claim and we will ensure the responsible party’s insurers deal with your losses. Our aim is to make sure that your repairs are dealt with as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

If your vehicle has been towed from the scene and you are incurring storage charges, we can act to recover these charges and your loss.

Increasing levels of insurance excess have made this an important head of claim. We will act on your behalf to recover the excess. If you have incurred any other expenses, perhaps for private treatment, medical aids and equipment or prescription charges, we can recover these on your behalf.

On behalf of our clients we are often able to assist their recovery by arranging physiotherapy or other forms of rehabilitation. Our staff and medical experts will be able to advise on the most appropriate course of action. The cost of this private treatment will be reclaimed from the insurers of the persons responsible for the accident.

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Recovery & Storage
Uninsured/Untraced Motorist
Insurance Excess
Vehicle Hire

"Whilst we deal with thousands of claims every year our aim is to treat every client as though they were our only client. It is vitally important to us to ensure that all clients feel reassured from the outset that we are relieving them of a huge burden at what can be a very stressful time for any innocent victim who has been injured.


We will explain the procedure from the outset and we ensure that we keep all clients fully appraised of key developments throughout the progression of their claim. All of our staff our highly skilled and approachable and our service is designed to be fast, professional and comprehensive to deliver the best possible results to every client"


 - Steven Rushton


As the innocent victim of a non-fault accident we appreciate that it is an essential part of our service to deliver MAXIMUM compensation to all of our injured clients. As well as being able to call upon many years legal experience we also utilise the expertise of cutting edge IT systems, expert rehabilitation and medical expert panels to ensure that we give every client the best opportunity of recovering the highest possible awards for their injuries.

If you are a victim of an uninsured or untraced motorist you may still pursue a claim through one of the Motor Insurance Bureau's schemes. This can often be complicated, let our experienced team help simplify and guide you through what can be a difficult process.