If you have been injured whilst on someone else's property you may be able to claim against the occupier if we can prove their negligence. Occupiers have a responsibility to ensure their premises are safe.  Such claims may include slips and trips on private property, public property or places such as shops, supermarkets, pavements, roads, schools or public buildings.


We have dealt with a number of claims against Local Authorities who are under a duty to ensure that an area within their control is regularly inspected and well maintained for safe use by the general public. If we can demonstrate that their duty has not been complied with then you may be entitled to damages. 

Occupiers liability

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Where possible, photographs should taken of any defect / spillage as soon as possible after the accident as this contemporaneous evidence may prove crucial in the case being successful. It is also good practice to obtain details of anyone who may have witnessed the accident. It is also important to check whether there is CCTV footage which may have captured the accident. We would be happy to discuss any potential claims with you and the likely prospects of success.

Occupiers Liability

We have succeeded in claims against well known supermarkets as well as local authorities, private landlords and independent shop owners.