Product liability, legal action, burns, electrical defaults, claim, compensation, defective products, household goods, garden equipment.

If you have been injured as a result of a defective product, you may be able to claim compensation. We have experience in dealing with a wide variety of cases which have arisen as a result of defective products. For example, defective toys, household goods as well as garden equipment and cosmetics.  Similarly we have dealt with claims which have resulted in burns or electric shocks from electrical equipment.  

Product Liability

As a manufacturer, retailer or wholesaler it is their responsibility to ensure their products are safe - if they fail to do so, they could end up facing legal action.

It is important that when a product is purchased receipts are kept in a safe place as it is likely you may have to produce this as proof of purchase. Likewise if there are any witnesses to the accident you should obtain their contact details as their evidence may mean your case has greater prospects of success.


If you are unsure if you may have a claim as a result of a defective product then please call us to discuss this further.