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Reviewing: A Government response to consultation on ‘reviewing the number and costs of whiplash claims’.

There has been an interesting article published in the Law Gazette on 16th January 2014 turning focus back to the Government response to the consultation regarding whiplash reforms. The Gazette reports that a working panel will convene next month to start the process of creating independent medical panels to assess whiplash injuries.

This recommendation stems from the Government Response published by the MOJ in October 2013. If you are interested in reading the full response it can be found at:

As everyone in the firm will be aware the MOJ has already considered and implemented various challenging reforms including:

  • The banning of referral fees,

  • The removal of success fees,

  • The introduction of fixed fees,

  • The lowering of portal fees,

  • Extension to the limit and scope of the MOJ portal,

In addition to these changes the MOJ were also consulting on reforms to include:

  • The creation and implementation of independent medical panels to assess victims of whiplash and other similar soft tissue injuries,

  • The increase of the small claims track limit from £1000 to £5000 for RTA injury claims,

  • The reduction of the 3 year limitation period in relation to RTA related injuries.

The above report contains the Government’s response to these proposals.

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